Kaja Smith-Kielland Kjellesvik

Managing Director

Tel: +47 33 35 22 77
Mob: +47 95 72 41 98
Direct e-mail: kskk@norwegianoiltrading.no
Company e-mail: bunkers@norwegianoiltrading.no
Yahoo: kajasmiki
Kaja Smith-Kielland Kjellesvik


Kaja was appointed managing Director of Norwegian Oil Trading in June 2015.

Kaja has been with Norwegian Oil Trading since 2013 as Business Development and Risk Manager. As part of her mandate in Business Development she played a key role in setting up the Branch office in Singapore. She has also been heading our credit committee where we do rigorous analysis of the market and all our trading partners. In her role as Managing Director she is still focusing on credit and risk management.

Kaja has worked in different aspects of shipping all her career. She has worked for Steensland Shipbrokers AS, Saga Forest Carriers Intl AS, Ugland Brovig Tankers Pte Ltd and Western Bulk Pte Ltd.